Nap Time

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I have come to love nap time with my babies.. They are so warm and snuggly! And I love to watch their little angel faces while they sleep! It’s a great moment for me to relax and nap with the girls too. Just peace. And quiet. Girls time before dad comes home. Hehe


This morning was quite the scare for me. I woke up when I heard little miss Lauren waking up and this is how I found her

Yeah I think it’s time for her to use the pack and play. I think she was trying to get to sister on the other side.


20111217-123304.jpg aren’t they so cute?!
Recently Sky put up our Christmas lights in our room and I love it!! It gives the room a nice romantic feel I think.

Paris got into mum mum’s makeup yesterday and she did quite the little number on herself. Uni-brow and all. It’s adorable. She is getting quite the attitude too. The other day she told papa “don’t you ever touch jack ever again!” haha I love that little girl!

watching the snow fall
thanks for listening to me ramble! Until next time!!

x.Cindynandez ????


 Nap Time

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