The Little Things I Loved About Our Wedding

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I loved our wedding day in all of it’s entirety..
But the past few days I’ve been thinking of the little reasons that made it so special..

Here are a few..


To start off. I love that we were married on my Grandpa Carl’s birthday. He had unfortunately passed away a little while before we were married and this was our way of honoring him and his memory.


I LOVED my wedding cake! It was the ONE thing I was picky about. (And my dress which brings me to the next one…)


I love my wedding dress! It is perfect in every way! And I felt like a Princess in it!


I loved my dance with my dad! I cried my eyes out of course! I’m obviously his favorite!


I love that during our first dance Skyler sang our song to me in my ear.. That memory makes me cry to this day..


I loved loved LOVED that we had so many people come and support us on our day! I loved that family near and far traveled to be with us. I am always so thankful for this..


I loved that our little brothers were our ring bearers.. You should see them now! Holy cow they’ve grown!


I loved my bridesmaids and my little sis who carried my dress train


PS Skyler’s groomsmen were pretty dope too ;]


I love these pictures with us and my brother. He’s a big part of our story and we love him lots.


I love that Adam chased our getaway car with a sparkler. And I love that our great friend Brad chauffeured us to our apartment in my dad’s car. And he said “where to mr & mrs Lewis?” Hehe


Most of all.. I love that I got to marry Skyler that day. Surrounded by those we love. Marrying him was the best part for sure.

 The Little Things I Loved About Our Wedding


  1. B-Rad | |

    Awe … Teardrops falling

  2. Anna m. Rogers | |

    Omg…I can’t believe it has been 5 years already! It is so wonderful to see how much your Little family has been blessed! Thanks. For sharing the memories of your special day with us! Happy anniversary to you and skyler!
    Love auntie Anna

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